Product Information
CategoryHex Bar
Surface Finish Brushed

Process Information
Unfinished Bars
(Raw Material)
To make decorative Brass Ti-Gold Brushed Finish Hex Bar, We use high quality Cold Rolled SS tubes from India & neighbouring countries.
PolishingThese Tubes are Polished on Sophisticated Polishing Machines to give an excellent Ti-Gold Brushed Surface Finish.
ColouringUsing PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) Technology, these tubes are kept for sufficient time in the PVD Chamber to get desired Ti-Gold Brushed Finish Hex Bar.
To protect the Tube's Finished Surface while handling & transportation, we use Polythene Bags/Rolls.

Surface Finish Material Sizes
Brushed Brass 8 mm
12 mm
16 mm
20 mm
30 mm
36 mm
50 mm
8 FT to 12 FT